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Hi, I'm Rosie.

My most recent labels: educator, storyteller, blogger, traveller. 


At my best, I’m basically full of life. I'm young, wild, spontaneous and at the same time determined, disciplined and passionate.   


I value freedom, joy and quality connections. In my comfort, I come up with averagely 1310 new ideas per day. People love my smile, I love it too. People also like my positive energy, which I’m both grateful and doubtful the most about. ‘Cause I know the other sides of me well. 


My areas of light are when I’m teaching, sharing and writing. I love it when I create fun games for my classes, workshops, events and see people’s eyes sparkle. At those times, I know for certain, my eyes also sparkle. When I share, it’s stories of my life, so it’s guaranteed authentic. I value authenticity. When I write, my heart and soul and brain take turns to dance, so it’s, you know, interesting? 


In times of overwhelm, however, I turn into a little introvert who just wants a space for herself, close to nature if possible, to cry her heart out, complain as much as possible about the slightest inconveniences, lie down daydreaming for a whole day without giving a damn to the meaning of life, and then get back to people, miraculously, with a smile. 


My all-time favorite thing to do is to take a very close look at my emotions. Where are they from? What are they there for? What childhood memories rooted it? The curiosity never ceases. 


I’m a child at heart, but both a lady and "a man" on the outside. I’m hoping not to think and act like a man too much in the future though, for my lady self is evolving. 


Welcome to my world! 

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Questions that drive me

Heart Work

Why and how to maintain one's Emotional Wellbeing? 

​How to come to terms with your inner world? 

How to be a team with yourself?  

Mind Work

How to learn English (or anything) with lots of joy?  
How to study effectively?
Why and how to develop Critical Thinking?
How to develop different perspectives when looking at life?

Soul Work

Self - Discovery 

Self - Parenting 

Nurture The Inner Child 

Life Adventures

​​Why are they important, and how to get at them? 

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